Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow – Duo Chrome Shades

You all know how much I love the glitter & glow liquid eyeshadows! So when I saw they were coming out with 3 duo chrome shades I almost fainted! These are part of stila’s summer collection, which im guessing has to do with Mermaids considering the mascot of this theme is indeed a mermaid. Im so excited about these so lets dive on in!

First off these have the same outside packaging except where the name is there’s little mermaid scales!


This collection features three shades ($24 each):

  • sunset Cove (Pink Gold)
  • Sea Siren (Pink Blue)
  • Into the Blue (Blue Purple)

I however only purchased two, these are the two I knew I would use the most. They look like nothing special inside the tube but once you have them swatched wow they’re amazing.

Left: sunset cove

Right: sea siren


I did swatches at two different angles to try and show you the duo chromatic effect.

Top: sunset cove

Bottom: sea siren



My consensous is if you love glitter and duo chrome…. YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE.


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