Why I’ve been distracted.

Lately I haven’t posted as much as normal and that isn’t because im giving up on this blog, NOT AT ALL. I enjoy writing these reviews, sharing information, and helping people decide if they want something. I enjoy being a part of the beauty community and giving my opinion…….but that isn’t why you’re reading this post. You’re reading this post because you’re wondering why i’ve been away for a bit.

Let me begin by saying I have A LOT of makeup…A LOT. I’m not saying this to brag, i’m saying this because it’s true. I have a bit of a shopping problem and let’s face it…. I LOVE MAKEUP! I have anxiety so sometime I tend to feel cluttered and during those times I decide to go throw my products and down size. What do I do with my down sized products? I resell them at a lower price.

There is actually a whole community of people on apps reselling cosmetics and a bunch of other things like clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. I have fallen into that community and now im ADDICTED! The two apps that I use are Poshmark and Mercari.  I love being able to share products with people who would use  them more and make a few bucks back from what I put into that product. Everyone needs income and this is a new way for me to have some. I can’t always buy things I think everyone would be interested in because I don’t have tons of money. This is a way for me to support myself and my blog. Eventually I hope this blog will get big enough that I can make some money from doing what I enjoy, but that’s beside the point.

The reason I’ve been distracted is because I’ve been busy with listing products to sell, making friends on these apps and becoming apart of that community as well. I would love for you to join me as well on there. You could make some cash and some friends too! Plus not to mention they have items that you’ve always wanted and could never find!

Please forgive me for my little leave.

Much love,

Ashliee xoxo

Down here im going to leave my poshmark and mercari information in case you’d like to join as well. If you do, be sure to leave a comment letting me know you came over from the blog!

Poshmark: You download the app and search @snxwprincess , if you use the code UNVNP when you sign up you get $5 to start you off!

Mercari: You download the app and look for snxwprincess , if you use the code MJCNYQ when you sign up you get $2 to start you off!

like I said please comment or message me letting me know you’re from the blog! Or if you already are on these apps comment down below your names so I can find you!