Lime crime Venus 3

Hey guys! How have you been? Today we will be talking about the Lime Crime Venus 3 palette! I purchased mine during Ulta Beauty’s 21 days of beauty event for half the price. I’ve been wanting the palette but the discount definitely pushed me over the edge and here we are now.

A few things about the palette:

  • It’s available where ever Lime Crime is sold (Lime crime’s website, Ulta, dolls kill, etc)
  • It retails for $38
  • It has the same packaging as all the other Venus palettes except pink/purple/rose gold
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

Now if you’ve never seen the Venus packaging let me show you!



Now I know you’re just DYING to see the inside! So let’s hop on in!

Isn’t she beautiful?! I absolutely adore the color scheme for this palette with the pinks and purples and rose golds. Let’s jump right into the swatches.

From top to bottom (color description taken from Ulta’s website):

  • Dreamy (mauve – matte)
  • Beam (lilac w/ pink shift – iridescent shimmer)
  • Heavenly (rich rose gold – iridescent shimmer)
  • Rapture (soft blush w/ blue flash – shimmer matte)
  • Ecstasy (dried fig – matte)
  • Paradise (bright fuchsia w/ blue glow – glow)
  • Bliss (rosewood – matte)
  • Beloved (minky lavender brown – metallic)
  • I think If you’re into pinks/purples/rose gold shades, this is going to be a good choice. The matters are blendable and soft, the palette has good pigmentation, and you can create an aray of looks! If you’re personally not into these colors, lime crime offers other palettes (Venus, venus 2, and Venus XL( I have a post on this one)) with the same formula!
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    Anastasia beverly hills Norvina eyeshadow palette

    Lets talk a little bit about this palette, shall we. (all information taken from & my knowledge)

    • This palette is all about Anastasia’s daughter CLAUDIA aka norvina
    • Norvina is the president of the company
    • Retails for $42

    Norvina had a vision for her palette: “I have always wanted to create a palette that embodies my spirit. I’m a dreamer at heart and get lost in my own fantasy world daily. It’s a whimsical place that leaves you feeling carefree. If I had to explain how these colors made me feel, I would say “happy”.” – Norvina

    Jumping into the inside of this baby!

    Isn’t she a beaut.

    I know, I know…… you’re here for the swatches.

    First row:

    From top to bottom:

    • Dreamer (metallic pink champagne
    • Summer (metallic foiled golden topaz)
    • Wild Child (duo-chrome frosty pink w/ a magenta shift)
    • Rose Gold (metallic rosewood)
    • Celestial (duo-chrome plum w/ a violet shift)
    • Dazzling (duo-chrome cool-tone bronze w/ a violet shift)
    • Drama (duo-chrome aubergine w/ a cool bronze shift)


    Second row:

    From top to bottom:

    • Base (matte eggshell)
    • Soul (matte wisteria)
    • Incense (matte dusty terracotta)
    • Love (matte mid-tone cool pink)
    • Volatile (matte warm charcoal)
    • Eccentric (matte dark burnt orange)
    • Passion (matte deep garnet)


    My thoughts and opinions on this palette, let me start off by saying this is my first ever abh palette and I am IN LOVE. The blendability, the pigmentation, the looks I am able to create from these colors are beautiful. Nothing blends into one to turn muddy, which in my opinon is VERY important. I will say that there is some kick back from the matte shadows so if that’s going to bother you i’d skip out on abh palettes all togehter ( from what i’ve heard they all do it). Also some of the shimmer shades are pressed a little less firmly than others, which is no big deal…. just don’t JAM your brush into this palette. All in all I would totally suggest you pick this up if you’ve been eyeing it up!

    Urban decay Aphrodisiac palette

    This is my first mini palette from urban decay and it is STUNNING! It’s totally giving me fall vibes.

    A little about this palette:

    • Urban Decay is 100% cruelty-free.
    • Retails for $29
    • 6 shades
    • 3 matte
    • 3 shimmer

    The outside packaging is stunning!

    Now Jumping into the palette, in my opinion it has an overall warm vibe…. however its not your typical warm toned palette because of the purple thrown in there.

    Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the swatches.


    From top to bottom: (descriptions taken from

    • Sheets (warm nude matte)
    • Beyond (matte terra-cotta)
    • Night Fever (soft rose gold metallic)
    • Addict (deep magenta shimmer)
    • Glare (metallic brown with gold shimmer)
    • Whiplash (deep reddish-brown matte)

    Personally I think this palette is a good fall colored palette or for anytime of the year. I like that its a smaller palette so it’s travel friendly. It swatched beautifully, the pigmentation is on point, if you’re looking for a warm toned palette I totally suggest this one!

    Tarte Love, Trust & Fairy dust Palette

    Hello all! Hope you’re doing well, today we will be talking about the Tarte cosmetics Love, Trust, & Fairy dust eye and cheek palette from the new Flower powered collection. I haven’t been this excited for a palette in a LONG time. I know I know, its just another neutral palette, but something about it immediately grabbed my attention and at that moment I knew I needed it. (The packaging might have slightly helped.) Speaking of the packaging, I read a lot of comments on instagram about how this collection looked like children’s makeup….to each their own.

    Let’s jump into some things about the palette:

    • Limited Edition
    • Retails for $39 (Tarte, Ulta, Sephora)
    • 10 eyeshadows
    • 1 highlight shade
    • Cruelty Free as always with Tarte

    (All information was taken directly from

    Now I know you’re all dying to see this packaging so let’s go!


    Isin’t it beautiful?! It’s definitely my favorite packaging tarte has done, then again I’m a sucker for anything with glitter!

    What’s that? You want to see the inside?! Well here it is!

    The mirror also has the cutest little touch! (Love, Trust, & Fairy dust)

    Let’s move into the swatches!


    From top to bottom:

    • mystical (metallic magenta)
    • wish (deep plum matte)
    • gossamer (cream matte)
    • frolic (light brown matte)
    • twinkle (metallic gold)
    • flitter (metallic light pink)


    From top to bottom: ( The bottom shade is the shade in the middle aka the highlighter)

    • wonder (deep plummy brown matte)
    • whimsical (purple mauve matte)
    • giggle (light mauve matte)
    • magic (metallic rosy copper with silver shimmer)
    • flower crown (metallic white champagne)

    Lastly I just want to add that I LOVE this palette with all my heart! It has totally won me over! I highly suggest picking up this palette if the colors are your cup of tea.

    Colourpop give it to me straight palette

    This is my FAVORITE  palette that colourpop has come out with and according to their website it’s theirs too!

    All of my information will be taken from

    Im going to stat this off by showing you the packaging front and back.

    A few things to note about this palette:

    • Retails for $16
    • As of right now only sold on colourpops website
    • No Mirror
    • Shade names are printed underneath the shadows

    Im going to post a little insert of what it says on the colourpop website about this palette then I’ll show you the inside of this beautiful baby.

    We’ll be frank, this is our favorite palette yet. Full of warm coppers and rich, romantic mauves, it complements multiple skin tones and satisfies all your moods. Includes 7 buttery mattes and 5 intense metallics that can be used wet or dry.


    Colourpop has some of the most pigmented shadows that I personally have ever tried, with that being said lets jump into the swatches.


    First row:

    • Matter of Fact: pale pink
    • Up Front: metallic pale gold with a silvery sheen
    • Straight Up: metallic warm gold
    • BS: matte orangey brown


    Second row:

    • Frank: matte warm brown
    • Candid: metallic bright copper
    • Forthright: neutral metallic rose
    • Downright: matte soft pinky beige


    Third row:

    • Truth Hurts: matte peachy beige
    • Be Blunt: metallic rich raspberry
    • TMI: matte dusty burgundy
    • Actually…: matte deepened chocolate brown

    I honestly feel like any regular palette from colourpop you get ( not including the sephora ones because I haven’t tried those yet) you won’t be disappointed. They’re Pigmented and buttery with minimal fall out. The shadows are definitely worth the price in my opinion. They have tons of different palettes to choose from if this one isn’t your cup of tea. If you need help choosing a palette, I’d be more than happy to help! Just leave me a comment down below or feel free to message me on instagram! @certified_bullshit.

    Thank you all for sticking around to the bottom of this post and have an amazing rest of your day. xoxo

    Lime Crime Venus XL


    Let me start this post off by saying I AM IN LOVE! 

    All of my information is from the website.

    • Retails for $56 anywhere Lime Crime is sold (Limecrime, ulta, dolls kill)
    • Features 4 different finishes
    • 18 shades
    • Cruelty free
    • Vegan

    Let’s talk about the 4 different finishes:

    • Matte: Buttery smooth and totally matte
    • Matte sparkle: Same matte formula you love but with sparkle!
    • Glow: Soft, luminous finish. Not satin, not shimmer. It’s glow!
    • Metallic: Ultra-shiny shimmer!

    Let’s take a look at the inside, shall we.


    See I told you it was beautiful. Now I know you’re dying to see swatches so I’ll jump right  into those.


    Row one:

    • EDEN: Rusty rose (metallic)
    • LOVE: Bronzed peach (metallic)
    • PASSION: Bright raspberry (matte)
    • FRESCA: Taupe with pink sparkle (sparkle matte)
    • INSPIRE: Metallic berry (metallic)
    • IDOLIZED: Toasted caramel (glow)


    Row two:

    • APHRODITE: Rich red-brown (glow)
    • NU CLASSIC: Bronzed brown (metallic)
    • BURNT GOLD: Dark terracotta (glow)
    • FLORA: Deep coral (matte)
    • SCALLOP: Softest warm pink (matte)
    • CELESTIAL: Brick with gold sparkle (sparkle matte)


    Row three:

    • ETHEREAL: Dusty blush (metallic)
    • TRIUMPH: Muted cranberry (matte)
    • SUPREME: Deep mauve (glow)
    • BLANK CANVAS: Cool beige (matte)
    • BOTICELLI: Midnight wine (glow)
    • GODDESS: Dusty rose (glow)

    Last but not least I’m going to show you the back of the packaging as well as a close up of where it says cruelty free and vegan.



    I want to finish this off by saying if you like the color selection of this palette, you need it!

    Too faced I want kandee palette 

    I was very hesitant on purchasing this palette. Why you may ask, because let’s be honest…. lately too faced hasn’t been doing so well.  I bit the bullet and went into Ulta and I swatched the palette and instantly fell in love. This palette has beautiful pigmentation and amazing neutral color selection…. if these colors speak to you, BUY IT! 

    Some things to know:

    • This collection is Ulta exclusive 
    • Palette retails for $45
    • It’s actually called the candy eyes palette 

    Let’s talk about the packaging. This palette comes in a tin that looks like an old school candy box. The back of the tin even features the shade named but with a candy picture… just like candy boxes do. The attention to detail is phenomenal on this packaging presentation. 

    Once you open the tin you see a piece of thick waxy paper on top of the shadows (as if they were candy pieces). 

    Now I know you’re sitting there like “SHOW US THE SHADOWS ALREADY” so let’s jump into it. 

    Now onto the swatches 

    Top to bottom:

    • Sparkling cider
    • Pastry
    • Sugared strawberry 
    • Cream puff
    • Sugar plum
    • Raspberry cocoa

    Top to bottom:

    • Butterscotched
    • Sweet toffee 
    • Frosted pink
    • Hot chocolate 
    • Taupe berry
    • Licorice rope

    Top to bottom:

    • Banana cream pie
    • Ice cream
    • Whipped cream

    The swatches speak for themselves, Too Faced and Kandee Johnson did an amazing job on this palette and the entire I want kandee collection honestly. I would definitely recommend you pick this palette up!