Too faced I want kandee palette 

I was very hesitant on purchasing this palette. Why you may ask, because let’s be honest…. lately too faced hasn’t been doing so well.  I bit the bullet and went into Ulta and I swatched the palette and instantly fell in love. This palette has beautiful pigmentation and amazing neutral color selection…. if these colors speak to you, BUY IT! 

Some things to know:

  • This collection is Ulta exclusive 
  • Palette retails for $45
  • It’s actually called the candy eyes palette 

Let’s talk about the packaging. This palette comes in a tin that looks like an old school candy box. The back of the tin even features the shade named but with a candy picture… just like candy boxes do. The attention to detail is phenomenal on this packaging presentation. 

Once you open the tin you see a piece of thick waxy paper on top of the shadows (as if they were candy pieces). 

Now I know you’re sitting there like “SHOW US THE SHADOWS ALREADY” so let’s jump into it. 

Now onto the swatches 

Top to bottom:

  • Sparkling cider
  • Pastry
  • Sugared strawberry 
  • Cream puff
  • Sugar plum
  • Raspberry cocoa

Top to bottom:

  • Butterscotched
  • Sweet toffee 
  • Frosted pink
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Taupe berry
  • Licorice rope

Top to bottom:

  • Banana cream pie
  • Ice cream
  • Whipped cream

The swatches speak for themselves, Too Faced and Kandee Johnson did an amazing job on this palette and the entire I want kandee collection honestly. I would definitely recommend you pick this palette up! 


Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

Yes I  know this palette is not new but I found it for $14.99! Where would something that is normally $36 dollars be $14.99 you ask? MARSHALLS!


I know the box says compare at $28 but all too faced 9 pan tins retail for $36.

The outside packaging is adorable! It features a leopard/cheetah print. Same size and shape as other too faced 9 pan tins.


Enough about the outside, Im sure what you’re all waiting for is to see the inside!


Beautiful selection of colors and the names are too stinking cute! I love how the too faced 9 pan tins all are seperated by day, classic, and fashion. It’s also nice that the last row can be used wet or dry or even as liner! Plus they all come with a little booklet over the mirror to show you three looks that you can achieve with each section! How awesome is that?

Now to show you the swatches! plus excuse my arm as I have a bit of an allergic reaction going on at the moment, I apologize.

Im going to do the swatches by row of day/classic/fashion.



Top to bottom:

  • Purrr
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Leopard (wet/dry)



Top to bottom:

  • Meow
  • Pussy Cat
  • Jungle Love (wet/dry)



  • Kitten
  • Kitty Glitter
  • Panther (wet/dry)

As you saw above 3 shades are quite larger than the other 6, those shades are the top swatch of each photo.

  • Larger pans individually: Net wt. 2.0g/0.07 oz
  • Larger pans total: Net wt. 6.0g/0.21 oz
  • Smaller pans individually: Net wt. 0.9g/0.03 oz
  • Smaller pans total: Net wt. 5.4g/0.18 oz

All in All I personally think the two faced palettes are worth the $36 dollars but if you can find some of them cheaper then definitely pick them up!

Leave a comment below if you’d like to see the other 9 pan tin I have!


Too Faced Funfetti Collection

Let’s start off by going over some key things to know about this collection.

  • It’s only sold on HSN
  • Includes  a palette
  • Includes a blush (which I gave to a friend)
  • Includes a lipgloss
  • Includes a brush
  • $68

Jumping into the palette! Here is an overview of the palette.



This palette features 12 shadows in a variety of colors and finishes, meaning you can get a number of looks from this palette. It’s very versatile. The swatches are as shown below starting with the first row.


Here we have

  • Feelin’ Good
  • Life’s A Party
  • Sequin
  • Over-Served


  • Forever Young
  • Party Crasher
  • Funfetti
  • Girl Gang


  • Pop, Fiz, Clink!
  • After Party
  • You’re So Fancy
  • All Nighter

Each shadow is .0.99g/0.03oz

Moving onto the lipgloss! The lipgloss is honestly my favorite thing in this whole collection, it’s actually my favorite lipgloss I own! That says a lot beacuase I own tons of lipgloss. A lot of glosses can be too thick or too sticky and this is neither, the formula on this is perfection. The shade is a beautiful peachy nude color.


Last but not least is the cutest little kabuki brush. Let me just say im 97% sure this brush is just for show. I don’t think it would work unless you’re in a pinch then maybe it would be beneficial. It is however very soft and dense!


Too Faced White Chocolate Chip

This is the most aesthetically pleasing palette I think I have ever laid my eyes on, not to mention that delicious chocolate smell we all love . This palette is much smaller than I imagined it being, which makes it perfect for travel.  In my opinion it has the perfect shades of light pastel fair friendly colors. With that being said anyone with a medium-deep skintone….this palette unfortunately will not work for you. The pigmentation on this is not the best but that could be because the colors are so light.

This is what the Too Faced website says about this product

  • Infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder
  • A confection of powdered sugar pastels, creamy nudes and a pop of black sugar
  • Rich high-pigment shadows offer true color payoff
  • Silky smooth formula blends effortlessly
  • A bite-sized eye shadow palette of 11 cocoa powder-infused, soft and sugary shades that’s perfectly portable.

I have to agree with all of those claims minus the pigmentation.

Also according to the website you get

  • 10 Eye Shadows Each Net Wt. 0.5 g / 0.02 Oz. Total Net Wt. 5.0 g / 0.20 Oz.
  • 1 Eye Shadow Net Wt. 1.5 g / 0.05 Oz.

Swatches are as followed,



Top to bottom: Glaze, Ambrosia, Exotica, Pearl Candy,Raspberry Rose, Indulge



Top to bottom: Guilt-Free, Cake Batter, Cookie Dough, Sugared Raisin, Black Suagar

I would say this is a perfect palette for porcelain princesses, but for my dark skin beauties I would say try any of the other Too Faced chocolate bar palettes!